Stokholm Transport started using a new IT system

On 1 November 2012 Stokholm Transport started using a new IT system which will frame the IT technology of Stokholm Transport A/S in the future together with a newly developed transport concept and platform.

During the last 18 months Stokholm Transport A/S has worked on developing a innovative and forwardlooking transport concept. The vision was to develop an innovative transport system since heavy demands will today and in the future be placed on the internal integration of the businesses, however, also on their ability to be integrated with customers and suppliers irrespective of whether these are temporary or regular ones and the more customised products and services the heavier the integration demands will be.

For Stokholm Transport A/S it was important to create an overview of the current as well as the future adopted IT strategy which on the whole has created the basis for the new transport concept. A subobjective was to clarify the importance of the IT development to organise the supply line as IT, to an increasing degree, is the single factor having the greatest importance to the development of transport systems.

Structure and planning of the new IT system are made via STAS Grafisk Planner which allocates real time updated road toll, bridges, tunnels, ferries, etc. all over Europe by way of its automatic STAS costings. The administrative paper work routines are carried out as OCR recognition which registers and files all types of documents directly to the system. It can also handle all types of electronic data interchange between customers and suppliers.

The new IT system is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC so that all functions and application function as one integrated system, including Microsoft Office, salary, HR, financial management, CMR and many other functions.
In other words, ONE system from "Booking to Accounts.