Environmental policy

The environmental policy of Stokholm Transport A/S is to ensure that the general environmental efforts of the company are known by all our customers and cooperative partners, including our subsuppliers.

As a transport company we have a special responsibility when it comes to our society and environment. Therefore we wish to live up to this responsibility by setting up a goal to reduce the environmental impact within all our activities in consideration of our technical, financial and commercial frames.

More specifically we want to work on obtaining an ongoing reduction of the environmental impact of Stokholm Transport A/S within the fields of transport, construction, stores, working environment and safety. For instance this includes:

• To act in accordance with the current environmental legislation

• Focus on optimisation of the logistics, e.g. by way of Fleet Management systems

• Focus on environmentally sound vehicles. In 2011 all vehicles of Stokholm Transport A/S
will comply with Euronorm 5. All newly purchased vehicles must comply with Euronorm 6
from the middle of 2011

• Supplementary training of the drivers to increase the road safety, energy eficient driving
and to improve the environment

• Focus on reducing the electricity, water and heat consumption in all buildings

• Use of eco-friendly detergents

• Focus on a healthy and safe working environment for our employees and others who are
involved in the activities of the company

• An open dialogue with our co-operators, industry associations and authorities about the
environmental work of the company

We want our customers to perceive Stokholm Transport A/S as a green company. Therefore we have chosen to communicate our environmental aspects to our surroundings. This also implies that we ensure that our employees, customers and cooperative partners know about our environmental policies.

Follow-up and responsibility
The managing director of Stokholm Transport A/S holds the overall responsibility for the follow-up on the environmental policies of Stokholm Transport A/S. The department managers of Stokholm Transport A/S are responsible for ensuring that the work is carried out pursuant to the environmental policy of their area.