About us

Stokholm Transport A/S was established by the present owner and managing director, Lars Stokholm, in 1980.

Stokholm Transport A/S has developed from being a sole trading business to one of Denmark’s leading businesses within transport, storage of stages and technical equip- ment for concert productions for large pop and rock names and transport with TV and theatre productions where our drivers are also able to operate the OB vehicles.

Since the establishment in 1980 Stokholm Transport A/S has accumulated knowledge and today we have a wide range of knowledge within all types of transport - in Denmark and abroad - and are driven by ambitions to be a valuable trading partner.

We are an ambitious and competent partner having the required knowledge to advise the customer on how they get the optimum profit of the transport. We are with the customer all the way - from the initial strategic considerations till the cargo is received by the end customer - and till the response thereof.

Stokholm Transport A/S is specialized in developing and handling transportations and customer relations. We want to have a unique technological platform and a number of transport specialists at our disposal. This provides Stokholm Transport A/S with both the expertise and the settings to create strong and lasting relations which will offer an increased value to all in the end.

Stokholm Transport A/S believes in the fact that our customers may create a bigger value when cooperating with Stokholm Transport A/S than if they solved the job them- selves or used one of our competitors.

Fleet of trucks
Stokholm Transport A/S has more than 65 driving units where none of the vehicles are more than 36 months old and we are continuously working on reducing the average age of the vehicles even more. The at all time maintained and new fleet of trucks always ensures our customers a transport technical optimum consistency of supply.

All our units are equipped with fleet control and navigation. We are always having a two way real time communication with our drivers and we are always able to see the position of the transport both in Denmark and abroad. We also know when the transport is expected to arrive at the destination.

Vision and mission
The value which is generated by strong and long-lasting customer relations is alpha and omega to any business success. However without the necessary insight into how the optimal way between two or more relations is established, the job can be difficult and in worst case result in adding no extra value to the business.

The vision of Stokholm Transport A/S is:
We wish to be a significant transport partner.

The mission of Stokholm Transport A/S is:
We wish to be productive in our customer relations.

Stokholm Transport A/S believes in the responsibility of the individual and that he/she wishes to do his/her best. Therefore we want our behaviour and job solution to be controlled by values rather than rules as far as possible.

We wish to be characterised by being:
• Competent
• Dedicated
• Efficient
• Value adding
• Ambitious

The values express attitudes and a behaviour which we find important to stress.

The company culture of Stokholm Transport A/S is very strong and we have had it since the beginning more than 30 years ago. It is characterised by a family-like teamwork, an inclination to changes, humour, willpower and fighting spirit combined with a wish to be the best. We are enthusiastic about what we do; we are dedicated, adaptable - but also flexible, tolerant and dependable.

Our employees
The management of Stokholm Transport A/S is based on a fundamental and sincere confidence in the skills of the individual employee and wishes to contribute constructively to the development of the company by creating the proper frames and ensuring a development of frames concurrently with the external environment, our customer's desires and our employees' own needs.
We want all our employees to take active part in the development of Stokholm Transport A/S. And to make this possible and to offer our employees the basis thereof our management is characterised by sincerity, honesty and a respect for our employees.